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Girona Design Studio

Here at GFCS, we don’t just offer financial services: we’re also a fully-fledged design studio. We use the latest software to plan and execute the design of rooms and buildings, and our graphic designers are also skilled at creating publicity materials.

Our beginnings

We established Girona Design Studio in 2014 to secure a major presence in the rapidly expanding communication industry. This vision has now been realised, thanks to our careful combination of best practices, research and development, and our commitment to quality for our customers.

Quality comes first

We deliver a first-rate service by investing in excellent people, innovative facilities, and regularly re-defining existing programmes to ensure product quality from receipt to shipment. We also provide the highest quality support services.

Constantly improving

We’re constantly striving to improve our quality management system, and regularly judge our performance against relevant standards. These efforts are fundamental in our quest to provide customers with on-time deliveries, zero defects, and accurate documentation.

We offer first class support with a professional, personal service.

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